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Social Media

From the mid 90’s to now, I explored everything from Usenet to Facebook in pursuit of new and interesting ways to connect with friends, family, and the occasional internet stranger. In the end, I’ve decided that “broadcast-type” social media tools just aren’t for me. Those who know me have already heard some version of my social media speech, and those who don’t know me… don’t care.

Here is how I use social media now: as a method for friends of friends to initiate communication, and as an assertion of my public identity to those who are connected to me through these services.

My “identity” is public, but my thoughts and preferences are not. Through LinkedIn, you’ll find out where I work. Through Facebook, you’ll find out who my friends and family are. As a person, I am not hidden. I am trivially easy to locate and start a conversation with. However, if you have an interest in what I think, let’s have a real conversation.

If you are familiar with PGP or interested in secure communication, I encourage you to start with PGP or keybase. Otherwise, introduce yourself on either Facebook or LinkedIn. However, I do not login to these often, so please be patient and ensure your introduction does not look like spam.